Shang Chaoyang, deputy secretary of Xinyang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Henan Province ,totally more than 100 leaders visited Honen Plant

Investigated the production base of Suzhou Honen New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Time of Visit : 2019-12-10

       On the morning of December 10, Shang Chaoyang ,Deputy Secretary of Xinyang Municipa Partyl Committee and Mayor  of Henan Province, coordinated with more than 100 city leaders to investigate the production base of Suzhou Honen New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and heard the report from general manager  Mr.Zuo Lei  about the industrial chain of the company's thermal insulation and refractory materials. Also  the company's future development prospects, etc., discussed and exchanged  ideas about  the current problems facing the development for China refractory market with Xinyang Mayor Shang Chaoyang.


   Mayor Shang pointed out that refractory is a high-tech field supported by the state. After 7 years of development, Suzhou Honen has accumulated excellent technology, talents and market advantages. Under the current situation, enterprises must continue to increase R & D investment and focus The core issues such as market promotion and application have continuously improved the competitiveness of domestic refractory industries.


     Later, Mayor Shang and his team visited the production workshop together and pointed out that the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream industry chains of the refractory industry is of great significance to the company and the refractory industry. Co-construction and other methods promote the improvement of core technological capabilities and form a good industrial ecology. It is hoped that enterprises will seize the opportunity, dare to challenge, and win the tough battle of China's high-end refractory industrialization with high-quality development.

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