Manufacturing method of Refractory Insulation fiber board

This product relates to the  ceramic shaped products field with based material silicate , in particular to the method for manufacturing refractory fiber  board. This product adopts ordinary aluminum silicate fiber or high alumina fiber after slag removal as a matrix, and 0-60% by weight of high aluminum alumino-silicate fine powder as a filler is added as required, and an appropriate amount of silicon as an inorganic binder is added. Sol or alum sol and / or cationic starch or carboxymethyl cellulose as organic binder, mixed with an appropriate amount of water, and made into a board after the steps of stirring, forming and drying; or adding an appropriate amount of white latex to the ingredients and stirring , Forming, special-shaped processing, extrusion and drying and other processes to make special-shaped fiber sheet.

The fiberboard produced by this method can be processed into a feeding nozzle used on an aluminum board and strip continuous casting and rolling mill. The raw materials used in this product method are abundant in domestic supply, the production process is reliable, the equipment is simple, and the product quality is excellent.

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